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SLQ Server Tutorial – How To Check Primary Key Exists or not in Table

This is a simple tip post that may seem obvious and taken for granted for those of us who have been working with SQL Server for a while now but may be a newbie will find this helpful.

Here, I will give you a simple tip to check that primary is exists or not in table.

TO check primary key existence in table we have to use the following query. In the following query I have used MyTestTable as an example table. You have to change your table name from this table name.

IF OBJECTPROPERTY( OBJECT_ID( '[dbo].[MyTestTable]' ), 'TableHasPrimaryKey' ) = 1
   PRINT '[dbo].[MyTestTable] table has a primary key.'
   PRINT '[dbo].[MyTestTable] table has no primary key.'

Happy coding!!



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