Exception Handling Templates in Java

Correct Error Handling is Tedious to Write Correct exception handling code can be tedious to write. Try-catch blocks also clutter the code and makes it harder to read. Look at the example below: In this example no exceptions are lost. If an exception is thrown from within the try block, and another exception is thrown […]

Java 8 explained: Default Methods

In a previous post, we looked into lambdas in Java 8 which proved to be a very popular topic. Now we continue our peek into new Java 8 features by continuing with default methods. Those are closely related to lambdas, which could be the main theme of Java 8. In this article, we’ll take a look at what default methods […]

Java 8: The First Taste of Lambdas

Project Lambda is the major theme in the upcoming Java 8 and probably the most awaited one among Java developers. There’s one interesting feature that is being added to Java along with lambdas – the defender methods. In this blog post my intention is to look under the covers – to see how lambdas are represented […]