Java 8 Tutorial: Trọn bộ Java 8 new features từ Pluralsight

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Hôm nay mình sẽ share một bộ video Trọn bộ Java 8 new features từ Pluralsight . Với hơn 4 giờ học, các bạn sẽ nắm được tất cả những đặc điểm nổi bật nhất trong Java 8 như Lambda Expression, Stream, Date and Time API, …

This course covers the most useful parts of Java 8. This update of the Java platform is the biggest of all. It’s even bigger than Java 5 that saw the introduction of generics. We’ll begin with lambda expressions and the Stream API, which bring new fundamental patterns to the Java platform. Many problems solved with the Iterator pattern are now solved much more efficiently with the patterns brought by the Stream API. But Java 8 is not only about lambdas, streams and collectors, there is also a new Java Date and Time API which are covered in this course. This API fixes all the flaws of the previous Date/Calendar API and brings new, very useful, concepts and tools. Many new features that bring a functional programming approach have been added to the Collection API. This is also covered in detail. Many more things are covered; little things, scattered here and there in the JDK, like this new StringJoiner class, useful to join strings with a prefix, a postfix, and a separator. JavaFX and Nashorn are also quickly covered, to show the FXML way to describe Graphical User Interfaces, and the new ways to describe JavaFX in Javascript using Nashorn.



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Nội dung chi tiết

Introduction to Lambda Expressions in Java 8

  • Introduction, Targeted Audience
  • Module Outline
  • The FileFilter Example
  • A First Lambda Expression
  • Live Coding: A First Lambda Expression
  • Live Coding: Runnable and Comparator Examples
  • Several Ways of Writing Lambda Expressions
  • Three Questions About Lambda Expressions
  • Functional Interfaces
  • Is a Lambda Expression an Object?
  • The Functional Interfaces Toolbox
  • Method References
  • Processing Collections With Lambdas
  • Changing the Way Interfaces Work?
  • Default and Static Methods in Java 8 Interfaces
  • New Patterns: The Predicate Interface Example
  • Live Coding: New Patterns Examples
  • Module Wrap Up

Java 8 Stream API and Collectors

  • Introduction, Module Outline
  • The Map / Filter / Reduce Algorithm
  • What Is a Stream?
  • Definition of a Stream in Java 8
  • Building and Consuming a Stream
  • Filtering a Stream
  • Live Coding: Consuming and Filtering a Stream
  • Lazy Operations on a Stream
  • Lice Coding: Intermediary and Terminal Operations
  • Wrapping up Intermediary and Terminal Operations
  • The Map Operation
  • The Flatmap Operation
  • Lice Coding: Map and Flatmap Examples
  • Wrapping Up Map and Filter on a Stream
  • Reduction, Functions, and Bifunctions
  • Reduction of the Empty Set: Identity Element
  • Optionals
  • Pattern for the Optionals
  • Wrapping Up Reduction Operations
  • Terminal Operations
  • Live Coding: Reductions, Optionals
  • Wrapping Up Operations and Optionals
  • Collectors, Collecting in a String, in a List
  • Collecting in a Map
  • Live Coding: Processing Streams
  • Wrapping Module

Java 8 Date and Time API

  • Introduction and Outline
  • The Old java.util.Date API
  • Why Does Immutability Matter?
  • The Instant Class and the Duration Class
  • The LocalDate Class and the Period Class
  • Live Coding: Local Dates and Periods Examples and Corner Cases
  • Computing Dates From Other Dates
  • The LocalTime Class
  • Dealing With Time Zones: The ZonedTime Class
  • Printing Dates and Times: The DateTimeFormatter
  • From Legacy Code to the New Date and Time API
  • Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Strings, IO, and Other Bits and Pieces

  • Introduction and Outline
  • Strings and StringJoiner
  • Java I/O: Reading Text Files
  • Java I/O: Exploring Directories
  • New Methods on Iterable, Collection, and List
  • Comparator: Patterns and Utilities
  • Numbers, Method References, and Hashcodes
  • Map: Enhancements of Existing Methods
  • Map: The Compute and Merge Methods
  • Live Coding: General Map Enhancements
  • Live Coding: Map Merging
  • Live Coding: Building Bimaps
  • Annotations
  • Conclusion and Wrap Up

Introduction to Java FX 8

  • Introduction and Outline
  • First Key Concepts on a Simple Example
  • Live Coding a Hello World Example
  • Setting Up an Interface Using the JavaFX API
  • Setting Up an Interface Using the FXML File
  • Controller and Dependency Injection
  • Live Coding: Setting Up a UI With FXML and Java Controllers
  • Conclusion and Wrap Up

Nashorn: A JavaScript Engine on the JVM

  • Introduction and Outline
  • jjs: The Nashorn REPL
  • Livecoding: The REPL in Action
  • Running Javascript in Java Classes
  • Writing and Launching JavaFX UI in Javascript
  • Live Coding: JavaFX With Nashorn
  • Conclusion and Wrap Up


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