Agile, TDD

Accelerating Agile: hyper-performing teams without the hype

Performed by Dan North. The guy I met in our office already.

He shared his experience working in a trading/risk SW development team.

How to organize the team, the work, etc. to get high-performing team:

  • new people on-boarding matters
    • make sure the team is prepared for new member, all dev “toys” are prepared
    • avoid giving newcomer long documentation, etc. – just remembered my start in the previous company
  • each day the team has 2 standups – morning stand-up and before end-of-day the demo to product owner so that all are on the track, the work is demo-ed
    • approach we use often, just coupling it together with morning stand-up meeting
  • plan the work but for short time, 1 week is the most appropriate, 2 weeks are acceptable
    • as usual, planning is essential, plans are useless
  • working in the distributed system
    • tooling support for agile team doesnt matter, keep it simple, use board, sticky-notes, make a screenshot and publish it on the board (results in presenting them on the retrospective meeting, in form of chaining screenshots)
  • learning morning or lunches, no powerpoint presentations, pure coding, no excuses if somebody is missing
  • share the love within the team
    • pairprogramming (results in the best code),
    • do code review -> less shocking, more learning, ask new members to do codereview – more learning about the code, startup
  • DO learn new languages, programming styles (CSP, actors, fork-join), SCALA, Go, Closure
    • the main goal is to learn from others, to get other ideas which could be useful in your daily work
  • Functions, objects ~ namespace vs. classes/prototypes in dynamic languages
  • Prioritise risky over valuable. You don’t want: value, value, value, showstopper, sorry, we have to throw that away
    • implement first with risky stuff then values

All in all, great talk, worth watching online when the video will be available.



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