Chưa phân loại, TDD

TDD, where did it all go wrong


There are different kinds/levels of testing:

  • Unit testing:
    • testing class/method:
      • Helps us to get good design, but coupled to the implementation details
      • Implementation details is going to be changed so that we need to change also our class/method tests => which is expensive and we are lazy to do it => we skip it and the tests are dead
    • Testing behaviour:
      • HERE should be the focus
      • When implementation details have changed but behaviour stayed same, these tests are untouched and we should be free to refactor them
  • Integration testing
    • Testing componentization
      • Should be small amount of them
  • UX testing


  • hard to maintain
  • Written by business analysts, customers, maintained by devs => nightmare,
  • Results in RED state
  • What’s the value  having them? They are veeery expensive

 Where did all go wrong?

  • Writing UT against classes, methods

Read the book written by Kent Beck: Test driven development by example to understand more, should be like a bible for devs who takes testing seriously

Zen of testing

  • Don’t write tests against UX
  • UX is going to be changed so your tests have to be changed
  • Let UX devs write them

Write tests against surface of module , avoid testing against implementation, don’t couple to implementation, couple to the behavior

Testing should be done using simple steps:

  • Get solution to the problem fast
  • Don’t solve the problem and engineer together, split them! Then unit testing becomes a part of problem solving task
  • Result:
    • Write hacky code just to make test working but DON’T STOP THERE!!! please
  • Engineeirng comes later => in form of refactoring!!!!, please, keep it in mind!



=> you write less tests

Common issue

Ice cream problem:

  • Manual testing is too expensive
  • Automated GUI tests – we need to rewrite them as soon as UI changes, they are never done, stays RED
  • Most useful and the cheapest are UT

Unit Tests – focused on business logic, behavior,

Integration testing: cooperation between components

UI – testing:

  • UI widgets testing
  • Keep them manual

It should be like this:

Hexagonal architecture

  • In the center there is a Domain Model
  • Around it there are so called ports – application program interfaces – which makes surface of the system
  • Around them we have port adapters (MVC adapter, DB adapter, Notification adapter …) <= this we need to fake in order to
  • We test around ports! – public API


  • Don’t test the things you don’t own
  • UT  coupled to the implementation helps us with a design but don’t be afraid to delete them. Tests on higher level should be kept long-term only.


  • Can help to clean-up the communication developer vs. business
  • Very expensive, business people don’t want to do it


  • BDD is unit testing on the higher level ..
  • DON’T mock internals
  • MOCK port to adapter



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