Enterprise Application definition


Let’s first understand what we call an enterprise application. As per Gartner: Enterprise application software includes content, communication, and collaboration software; CRM software; digital and content creation software, ERP software; office suites; project and portfolio management; and SCM software. Typical enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, Accounting & Banking apps are multi-user, multi-machine, multi-component, multi-screen and multi-developer, manipulate massive data & utilize extensive parallel processing, complicated data relations, having complex business rules, handles massive data, distributed computing & transactions, requires heavy integration with other applications. While enterprises are moving towards micro service architecture, there are certain applications (legacy systems, batch applications, SCM) are inherently monolithic & can’t be replaced. Enterprise software is intended to solve an enterprise-wide problem, rather than a departmental problem.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nodejs-enterprise-applications-you-kidding-mihir-shelat