CICD, Continuous delivery pipeline with Docker Compose and Jenkins

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are well known and widely spread practices nowadays. Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are two of the most powerful containerorchestration platforms. Kubernetes and Spinnaker create a robust continuous delivery flow that helps to ensure your software is validated and shipped quickly. This tutorial shows you how to create a continuous delivery pipeline using Docker […]

What is cloud-native? The modern way to develop software

Cloud-native computing takes advantage of many modern techniques, including PaaS, multicloud, microservices, agile methodology, containers, CI/CD, and devops The term “cloud-native” gets thrown around a lot, especially by cloud providers. Not only that, but it even has its own foundation: the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), launched in 2015 by the Linux Foundation. ‘Cloud-native’ defined […]

Serverless Architecture

In the beginning, there was bare metal, and it was good. Single-tenant servers were fast, reliable and secure — beholden only to their master. Verily, though, also cumbersome to provision and scale. The need for agility and scalability begat VMs, and cloud providers brought unto us infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and lo self-service in the cloud was born. […]