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What Is Cloud Native, Anyway?

Sam Newman, author of Building Microservices, opened the day's talks by tackling the question directly. He reviewed the different ways that people define cloud native and unpicked whether they were useful. "It's a buzz-worthy term that has no real, good, formal definition," says Sam. "A lot of people conflate many things in the term cloud native.… Continue reading What Is Cloud Native, Anyway?

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Cloud Native Application (CNA)

Cloud Native App là gì? Cloud Native App (CNA) là một “buzz word”. CNA là một app “thuần” (từ này hơi sloppy :D) cloud. Dưới góc nhìn high level, nó là app được thiết kế để chạy trên môi trường cloud. Nhìn rộng ra thì nó có thể chạy được trên nhiều môi trường cloud,… Continue reading Cloud Native Application (CNA)