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ESB Frameworks

Application integration is the biggest challenge today for many enterprises. Building an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is probably the quickest and most cost-effective way to address this challenge. In this article, you gain insight on ESBs, and how to model and construct ESB service-oriented architecture frameworks. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach to defining integration… Continue reading ESB Frameworks

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J2EE And SOA Architecture

In this article, you’ll learn how to design and develop service-oriented architecture (SOA) frameworks using the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). By adapting an SOA framework, your organization can maximize loose coupling and reusability between systems. This article will take a high-level overview of several iterations over an SOA framework that will meet the needs of… Continue reading J2EE And SOA Architecture


Difference between SOA, EAI and ESB

Today, let me see if I can try to point some good difference between EAI & ESB and perhaps SOA as all this is closely tied together while explaining how they are linked to each other too. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an approach is to have software resources available (& discoverable) on network as… Continue reading Difference between SOA, EAI and ESB

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Accelerating Agile: hyper-performing teams without the hype

Performed by Dan North. The guy I met in our office already. He shared his experience working in a trading/risk SW development team. How to organize the team, the work, etc. to get high-performing team: new people on-boarding matters make sure the team is prepared for new member, all dev “toys” are prepared avoid giving newcomer… Continue reading Accelerating Agile: hyper-performing teams without the hype

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Patterns of Effective Teams

Again, Dan North, again great talk! The talk was going around the following map: Patterns Dreyfus Squared Different levels of people, do the pairing!, share the love and knowledge within the team Shallow Silos Rotate team/pairs Seize of Day Energize standups, discuss the status, not just report!, we don’t care about the brief… Continue reading Patterns of Effective Teams


Behavior Driven Development: It’s Test Driven Development Done Right

We talked about test-driven development. We considered it the basis for Behavior-driven development. But what’s the difference between them? Test-driven development focuses on the developer’s opinion on how parts of the software should work. Behavior-driven development focuses on the users’ opinion on how they want your application to behave. Behavior-Driven Development Test-driven development is rather a paradigm than a process. It… Continue reading Behavior Driven Development: It’s Test Driven Development Done Right