Patterns of Effective Teams

Again, Dan North, again great talk! The talk was going around the following map: Patterns Dreyfus Squared Different levels of people, do the pairing!, share the love and knowledge within the team Shallow Silos Rotate team/pairs Seize of Day Energize standups, discuss the status, not just report!, we don’t care about the brief status: I […]

TDD, where did it all go wrong

General There are different kinds/levels of testing: Unit testing: testing class/method: Helps us to get good design, but coupled to the implementation details Implementation details is going to be changed so that we need to change also our class/method tests => which is expensive and we are lazy to do it => we skip it […]

Technical Debt và Legacy System

Technical debt – tạm dịch là “Khoản nợ kỹ thuật” được dùng nhiều trong Software Engineering. Theo Henrik Kniberg, những khoản nợ kỹ thuật là bất cứ thứ gì trong việc viết mã khiến bạn chậm lại về lâu dài. Ví dụ như là mã khó đọc, thiếu (hoặc không có) kiểm thử tự động, […]

What does TDD mean?

From Pawel Olesiejuk   Test Driven Development (TDD) is not about writing tests. Writing tests is writing tests, period. TDD is more than that, it’s a methodology.  It has started as a part of the agile methodology invented by Ken Beck called eXtreme Programming (we recommend Kent Beck’s book “Extreme Programming Explained”). The main idea […]