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Em muốn trở thành kiến trúc sư

Mình muốn kể cho mọi người nghe một câu chuyện là cuộc đối thoại ngắn giữa một anh chàng Developer trẻ và 1 anh Architect. Cậu ta đến gặp anh kiến trúc sư và tâm sự là muốn trở thành 1 kiến trúc sư như anh. Sau này em cũng muốn trở thành 1 Software… Continue reading Em muốn trở thành kiến trúc sư


Multilayered Architecture (5) – The Presentation Layer

by Marco Di Stefano Introduction The final piece of a MultiLayered Architecture, in term of development design and dependencies is the Presentation Layer. It has mainly the scope to create an Interface with the final User of the application. It can take the form of Desktop forms, Java Applet, Web application and any other possible solution provided… Continue reading Multilayered Architecture (5) – The Presentation Layer


Multilayered Architecture (4) – The Infrastructure Layer

by Marco Di Stefano Introduction What is Infrastructure? If we think at a building, Infrastructure is what brings light and water. You can build a wonderful house, but if you don’t connect it to the city infrastructures, you will never be able to live in it. Finally this building is able to receive water and light, but is not… Continue reading Multilayered Architecture (4) – The Infrastructure Layer


Multilayered Architecture (3) – The Application Layer

by Marco Di Stefano Introduction As Business Documents are considered the input for the Domain Layer, System Requirement Specifications are the main input document for the Application Layer. Scope of this layer is to provide an implementation of the defined requirements for the system. So it is easy to understand that most of the logic contained is process oriented and so linked to… Continue reading Multilayered Architecture (3) – The Application Layer


Multilayered Architecture (2) – The Domain Layer

by Marco Di Stefano Introduction The domain layer is a collection of entity objects and related business logic that is designed to represent theenterprise business model. The major scope of this layer is to create a standardized and federated set of objects, that could be potentially reused within different projects. Once identified the enterprise business model segment that is useful for the… Continue reading Multilayered Architecture (2) – The Domain Layer


Multilayered architecture (1) – Introduction

by Marco Di Stefano Introduction If you ever worked in an IT project, you would probably know how necessary it is to factorize the source code to avoid that the entropy will take possession of your project as soon as it becomes larger and larger… If you ever encountered one of those scenarios: 1) I started with… Continue reading Multilayered architecture (1) – Introduction