Tản mạn, The Mythical Man-month

Tản mạn về Man-month Phần 2: Những cạm bẫy trong estimate

Đồng giao Lá lá la la... Ngày xửa ngày xưa... Có anh tốt bụng, tên là Thất Thân Anh rất thân thiện, thật thà tốt bụng Bạn bè tin anh, khách hàng tin anh Đi làm software nhưng anh không biết Nhân từ với khách là tàn nhẫn với mình Tự tin quá mức là rước… Continue reading Tản mạn về Man-month Phần 2: Những cạm bẫy trong estimate

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Combining TDD/BDD with DDD

Its not unnatural to think that the prototypical xDD combinations (TDD, BDD, DDD, and friends) are somehow in competition with each other. If you are unsure of their exact meanings, why wouldn’t you believe that TDD is in opposition to BDD and DDD? I mean, they all mean “Hmmhmm Driven Design/Development”. How many things can… Continue reading Combining TDD/BDD with DDD

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Summary of The Mythical Man-month

Chapter 1 “The Tar Pit” Pg. 4 In software development, no one thing seems to cause the difficulty, but the accumulation of simultaneous and interacting factors brings slower and slower motion. Pg. 5 Developing a professional system is 9 times the cost and time of an amateur development of the same system. Pg. 7-9 Joys… Continue reading Summary of The Mythical Man-month